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Utah’s Musical Culture

by ali eminov

Utah’s musical culture  was slowly coming to the fore already in the early 1800’s. Utah’s musical culture is the reason Utah is sometimes thought of as a musical Mecca. Having a successful music atmosphere, additional Utah bands are cropping up practically daily. Does the legendary powder falling on the scenic Rockies in the winter time (which brings skiers to Utah by the thousands) also have some kind of musical power? Could it be like Maria said of the Alps in The Sound of Music: ‘The hills are alive with the sound of music’? The end product of the hills is not known, but most probably Utah’s musical culture will be credited, partly if not all, to early Mormon leader Brigham Young, who, way back in the middle-1800s, created a Tabernacle and commissioned a many-hundred person musical choir. This musical choir has won some Grammy awards and is definitely still thriving today.

The notable organ that Brigham Young had constructed to accompany the musical choir is still played these days, and is considered one of the greatest and best illustrations of American Classic organ building. Young also brought in fine quality violins, cellos, harps, and additional stringed musical instruments, and insisted that his children receive training so they had the ability to perform for welcomed visitors that frequented his residence.

Mormon Tabernacle musical choir concert events are still scheduled often in the amazing Tabernacle that President Brigham Young created and it’s even today used as a live concert hall. The affect of the Early Mormon settlers in the mid-1800s into the early 1900s is definitely one of the key reasons why musical traditions in Utah started.

Music in Utah has changed since the days of the Mormon settlers. In our day, you will find jazz, swing, country rock, pop, alternative, rhythm and blues and ethnic varieties more often than you will hymns. On a daily basis novel Utah bands of each and every genre appear out of nowhere to make it big in the local music arena. One can find so many fresh bands it’s impossible for critics, customers, and fans to learn about every one. Players from Utah are celebrated for their knowledge of musical theory in addition to possessing major skills on several musical instruments. Time and again, a faction of acquaintances will bring their musical instruments to a jam session for fun one night, and then do a paid gig the next. Despite the fact that many of these various Utah bands might not even boast a band name, they surely have an enthusiastic crowd.

What makes Utah players so accustomed with music principles they can be all but expert by the time they reach the age of high school? One of the many reasons is due to the fact that Utah has a greater number of pianos per capita in comparison to any other state in the nation. It is extremely tough to uncover a neighborhood without a residing local music instructor or two. A superior piano instructor frequently possesses a good-sized waiting list, and excellent instructors are kept as busy as they want. What’s more, a number of well-respected qualified musical instrument manufacturers call Salt Lake City home. Local string musicians regularly go to the world-recognized Peter Prier violin making school because he has the expertise to turn out the best music for their up and coming Utah bands.


Also, you will locate a great number of fine music education institutions like the Caleb Chapman Music, the School of Rock, Crescent Jazz Institute, and Center Stage Studios. These pre-collegiate music education institutions give young players professional performance knowledge by permitting them to participate in one or more Utah bands. A number of these young folks end up at an area University where they might increase their competence in music. These schools continue to produce exceptional Utah bands, many which have reached global attention. For instance, the Crescent Super Band was selected “Best High School Jazz Band on the Planet” by Down Beat magazine. The jazz group tours internationally each year and performs for excited crowds that number in the thousands.

If Brigham Young were alive at present he would most likely be tapping his toes or hitting his thigh to the sound and beat of several Salt Lake City bands and Utah bands as the sound reverberated through the cool Rocky Mountain air. He’d most likely grin at the musical talent of so many of the Salt Lake City bands and Utah bands. Brigham Young wouldn’t have approved of all that is seen these days, but he would most likely concur that the local music in Utah rocks. On the other hand, he in all probability would have said it in a much different way.

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