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How To Keep Your Child Interested In Music Lessons

Many parents face the question of how to keep your child interested in music lessons.  Their child started out very interested in picking up music lessons for the piano, violin, cello or saxophone, however the child soon loses his or her interest. Imagine the surprise of the parent and the heartbreak of...

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Music in Classrooms

Music in classrooms is an essential part of encouraging and developing musical talent in children.  Teaching children music in classrooms or at home makes no difference to the responsibility of parents in mentoring him and supporting him by all possible means. Music in classrooms plays a valuable roll in the...

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Music Education for Babies

by RTD Photography

 Have you ever thought about the role of music education for babies? When there is an expectant mother in the family, everybody spends those nine months in learning all about parenting and preparing for the new arrival in the family. Why not also help the newborn develop to its full...

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Violins are Popular Instruments for Kids

by Trevor King 66

Violins are popular instruments for kids. Every inquisitive child needs to learn how to use a musical instrument because of the mental and sociological benefits they can get from it. When it comes to choices of instruments, violins are popular instruments for kids and their parents. But...

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Learning to Play a Musical Instrument

Learning how to play a musical instrument is not as overwhelming as it sounds. If you have the desire and motivation, you’re already half way there. Most people who want to learn to play an instrument are overshadowed by self doubt. They think that if you were not born playing an instrument, you’ll never...

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Basic Tips for Learning Piano Music

The moment when you come across a piece of piano music, and realize it’s possible to play a great song just by reading the notes, can spark a lifetime hobby or even a successful career. You can quickly lose interest if you don’t approach the learning process correctly. Learning how to read music and play it...

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