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How To Keep Your Child Interested In Music Lessons

Many parents face the question of how to keep your child interested in music lessons.  Their child started out very interested in picking up music lessons for the piano, violin, cello or saxophone, however the child soon loses his or her interest. Imagine the surprise of the parent and the heartbreak of...

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Start A New Instrument With Personal Lessons

One thing that separates aspiring musicians of a few decades ago from their contemporary counterparts is the value of the internet; there are invaluable resources there that would have benefited the players of yesteryear. However, especially when beginning to seriously undertake an instrument, there is...

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The Power Of Playing A Musical Instrument

Never underestimate the power of playing a musical instrument. Worthwhile as a hobby or a career, the power of playing a musical instrument contributes to a well-rounded life. Studies have proven that children who are exposed to music programs in elementary school have better self-discipline and patience...

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How to Learn the Violin

The popularity of violin around the world, cutting across different cultures, is simply amazing. The sheer varieties of musical notes that can be played on the violin make this a favorite with almost all musicians. Although how to learn the violin lessons can seem like a difficult task, it is not that...

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Beginner Violin Lessons

by cold_penguin1952

If you were to go around asking people what their favorite musical instrument is, chances are that a vast majority of them would go in for the violin. The soothing music which comes out of this musical instrument captivates millions around the world. One good thing about violin is that it...

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Musical Instrument Practice Tips

Ever get DOG TIRED of practicing your instrument? Whether you are learning to play piano, guitar, violin, flute or any other instrument, chances are you are not alone. After the initial enthusiasm of finally beginning your journey as a new musician, it is typical to wake up one day and realize that this is...

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Guitar Is A Popular Instrument To Learn

by anyjazz65

Guitar is a popular instrument to learn due to it’s versatility and portability. No matter which type of music style you are interested in, learning guitar can give you the ability to perform your favorite songs in front of your family, friends or just for fun. Moreover, once you have learned...

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Instrument Flight Cases

by Mikey G Ottawa

Playing any type of instrument can be a very enjoyable experience but can be very costly especially if your instrument becomes damaged. When you are traveling either long distances or simply from gig to gig you will need to ensure that you are keeping your instruments fully protected. The...

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Start your own musical instrument business

So it is in your mind and you’re going to do it – Start your own musical instrument business that is. Except to start your own musical instrument business is new for you, – you’ve on no account done it in the past and you need assistance  to arrive at your goal. No worries we will cover all the help you will...

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How To Care For Your Musical Instrument

Why would you need a piano cover or piano bench covers you would ask. Well, like any other precious thing, the piano too needs protection from dust, scratches, and other external damage risks. It would definitely go a long way to ensure that the piano is unharmed by the so many factors natural or otherwise....

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