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Jersey Boys Musical

by Nicholas Erwin

Jersey Boys Musical on Broadway is one of the most popular musicals running, you don’t want to miss. When you think of the theater, the first thing which comes to mind is the ever popular form of theater, musicals. What was the last musical or play you saw? How did it make you feel? If...

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Utah’s Musical Culture

by ali eminov

Utah’s musical culture  was slowly coming to the fore already in the early 1800’s. Utah’s musical culture is the reason Utah is sometimes thought of as a musical Mecca. Having a successful music atmosphere, additional Utah bands are cropping up practically daily. Does the legendary powder...

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Reveal Hidden Musical Talent

Reveal hidden musical talent in many different ways. As you have probably noticed, music is everywhere in our life!  Apart from traditional performances on concert stages, music is on the radio and television and even in your pocket, on an iPod! Therefore, it is no wonder that sooner or later you may feel...

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