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Amplifiers for Musical Instruments

Amplifiers for musical instruments are the life of music. In today’s world we cannot live without music, as music is considered an important part of our daily life. Basically amplifiers for musical instruments are used to convert electronic signals into the ability to provide volume.
Some Items Using ...

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Slide Guitar Lessons

Playing the slide guitar isn’t as intimating as it may sound at first. With a little bit of knowledge and a few slide guitar lessons you’ll be playing well in no time. Making music with slides has been popular for over a hundred years and is a favorite tool among the blues musicians, jazz, country, and soul...

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Violin Lesson Tips

You have decided to learn to play the violin. What do I need to do next? How to I find a teacher? Will my instructor be able to teach me the style of music I want to learn? With the violin lesson tips provided in this article you will be able to pursue your lessons in violin with confidence.

The first thing...

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It’s Time to Play! Come Inside and Let’s Learn Together!

So many times over the years I have heard; “I wish I could play” and “I wish I had stayed with piano lessons when I had the opportunity“. Well your opportunity is here and now. It’s time to play! Come inside and let’s learn together! This site has been designed for all of you who missed out or didn’t take advantage of learning the piano as a child. Your time has come. Anyone can do this no matter what your age. If you have the desire, you will be successful to whatever level you want to achieve. One finger, one hand….ten fingers, two hands….music is to be enjoyed at every level of simplicity or complexity.  You can do this! It’s never too late….. we’ll see you at the keyboard!…..So, it’s time to play! Come inside and let’s learn together!

Feel free to check out some of my lessons.  They are laid out in “chapters” for easy navigation.  And feel free to leave comments or even contact me through my “contact” page. I look forward to working with you.


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