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Musical Notes Wall Decor

When decorating your home, many times you will have a desire to decorate a room with a particular theme – butterflies or dragonfly wall art. If you love music, or someone in your home does, you may wish to consider a musical notes wall decor.  Musical notes wall decor can also be a fun touch when decorating areas such as game rooms, media rooms, and home theater areas. Musical notes wall decor can also be a very fun way to decorate a teenager’s bedroom while emphasizing their particular kind of music or favorite musician. When choosing decor for a musical motif, pieces of metal art decor like musical notes wall decor can lend an inspired look.

Outfitting a Media Room or Game Room with Musical Art.

If you are planning to decorate a room in a musical theme, part of the fun will be searching for unique wall art items to add to the room. One sought after type of musical art is a sculpture or wall hanging that depicts musical notes on a staff. This one theme can be used in so many different ways, in so many different rooms. For instance, in a home theater or media room, decorating with musical note art on the walls can be coordinated with framed album covers or sheet music, focusing on whatever style of music the family is most fond of. You can choose a piece of metal wall sculpture in the shape of the notes and the staff, or paint a staff on the wall, and hang individual metal notes on the wall over the staff, making it appear as though you were writing a line of music across the wall. You could carry this effect a little further by painting the staff on the wall and using metal wall art notes for the first few notes, and then by using sheet music of a favorite song, paint the rest of the notes of the first line of music directly on the wall using black paint. This type of decorative accent can work equally well in a teen’s room, possibly decorating the room with posters or album art from their favorite musicians.

Decorating a Child’s Room with Musical Notes Wall Art.

Musical notes wall decor is also a playful choice when decorating a nursery or small child’s room. You can use wall hangings to depict an overall nursery song theme in the room. One method to do this is to paint the staff on your wall and then intersperse musical note wall decor with hand painted or stenciled note designs, and then write out the phrases of popular nursery rhymes and songs. You could even hunt down vintage children’s record albums, such as those which are on old 78 records, and create wall art by framing either the record itself or the record cover. Many old covers for 78 records were created with very stimulating art, and there are a lot of people who collect these covers for their nostalgic graphics.

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