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Music in Classrooms

Music in classrooms is an essential part of encouraging and developing musical talent in children.  Teaching children music in classrooms or at home makes no difference to the responsibility of parents in mentoring him and supporting him by all possible means. Music in classrooms plays a valuable roll in the ability to play with other performers.

It is no big secret that parents are the most important people in the life of a child. You need to awaken his interest and eagerness towards his musical education so that studies become a joy and not compulsion. One way to do this is to encourage him to learn music in classrooms and play in groups before an audience.

Everyone, including private music tutors, knows the benefits of playing or singing to an audience. They even organize small gatherings if they have a dozen students or so under their tutelage. But learning music in classrooms is more favorable because the child gets to play in concerts and in group performances. This is actually great for shy children to shed their inhibitions and become more confident.

Music stands on three supports: composers, performers and listeners. If any one is absent, the other two are meaningless. What good is it if a composer creates a marvelous piece, the performer plays it, but there is nobody to listen to it? Will they keep playing to themselves and enjoy?

Just as there cannot be music without a composer and a performer, there cannot be music if there is no audience. It is the audience who value the music created. Learning music in classrooms provides the third support – audience.

If your child strives that extra bit for perfecting how to play his musical instrument in order to draw acclaim from the audience, what can be better? You as parents might have also dreamed that your child will be able to play in front of friends and family and make you proud. This is the amazing power of listeners.

Who do you think your child needs to realize the power of his musical talents? A music teacher? No doubt he is needed. But he meets the child hardly twice or three times a week. So who is it that boosts the confidence of the child 24×7?

You, dear parents! Your child needs you to praise him, support him in his every effort, and listen to him practice after learning a new piece of music in classrooms.

The important thing you need to remember is: ignore each one of his mistakes, no matter what! Just speak positive things. If you do this simple job, dear parents, you will create a music genius out of your child even if his abilities were average at the start of his musical education.

Tatiana Bandurina is an owner of Quintecco Educational Products Inc. She develops a new trend in education – Music Education for Parents. For more tips on music in classrooms, visit

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