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Chapter Two : Scales and Fingering

We will be covering two scale formulas, major scale and minor scale.
A scale can begin on any key white or black. We will start with learning the major scale beginning on C.
C major scale : C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C playing from C to C is called an octave. (referring to 8 as in octopus may help you remember??).
Play this succession of notes over to get the “sound” into your head, this is the sound of a major scale. From learning the “sound” of a major scale, along with the formula we will learn, you will be able to play a major scale beginning on any key, white or black.

(I know what you are thinking..I don’t want to learn a bunch of scales…I want to play my favorite songs)…but learning how a scale sounds and the location of the do, re, mi etc. in the realm of a scale, will help train your ear, and be very useful in finding your way around a melody, when we begin playing melodies by ear.

Listen now to the “you tube” insert. Memorize the do,re, mi if you don’t already know it. Most the songs you may want to play will begin on either do,mi, or so.   Click on the arrow to begin.

Okay, so let’s learn how to play this scale. Hands separately.

If you have been playing this succession of notes, from C to C, as I have suggested, you may find that you soon run out of fingers, and your playing becomes choppy and dis-jointed  right? Using the fingering as in the diagram below will help you play the scale smoothly and evenly.      ch-2a
       right hand 1   2   3, 1   2  3   4   5

                              C  D  E  F  G  A  B  C

        left hand    5   4   3  2   1 ,3   2   1

**Play with curved fingers, as though you were forming your hand to catch a ball.**

Finger exercise :

If you find that your fingers are stiff and not co-operating, …. one good exercise to limber them up is to “drum” your fingers (curved) on a table top slowly one at a time and then more quickly, beginning with fingers 1 to 5 and then 5 to 1. Remember to exercise both hands.

Link to You Tube demonstration video:

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