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Chapter Five : Chords (triads)

We are going to take a step back for a moment, and have another look at the C+ scale to cover an important point. Each letter of the scale has a number attached to it, recognizing it’s position within the scale. These are written in roman numerals as in the diagram below.
   D    E     F    G     A      B                    I, IV, V  are major triads ( + )

I      II   III   IV    V    VI    VII                 II, III, VI  are minor triads ( – )
+    –     –    +      +     –      o                     VII  is a diminished triad (o)

**Note:** the + is a sign for major or maj.

*********the is a sign for minor or min.

*********the o is a sign for diminished or dim.

Chords are frequently referred to as triads ( 3 notes ). Chords are a group of tones (keys) when played together give a pleasing, harmonious sound of varied quality and colour. There are a number of different chords and chord names. Right now we will begin learning about the 3 note triads associated with C+.
Go to your keyboard
Let’s play a triad beginning on each of these keys. Using fingers 1, 3, & 5 in your right hand, begin with C,E,G. Next move to D,F,A;. ..E,G,B;…all the way up to C,E,G. Listen to the “colour” of each triad. Some have a bright, happy quality, some have a more somber, sad, feeling blue sound…can you hear the difference? Play the chords in broken form (one key at a time) and then solid form (all the keys together). Now play with the left hand, fingers 5, 3 & 1. Can you play both hands at the same time?

In the next chapter we will explore the major chords built on C, F, and G. These are the chords we will use to harmonize the melodies we learned in chapter 4.

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