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Grand Piano Lamps

Grand piano lamps offer optimum lighting so musicians see the music and keys to play their best. Using this type of lamp prevents musician eye strain for the most beautiful music possible. Often grand pianos are used in a concert or performance venue and grand piano lamps also become a focal point for the...

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DJ Can Bring A Blend Of Musical Styles

by Skley

A DJ can bring a blend of musical styles to your event; this would be the most beneficial reason to hire a DJ rather than a live band.  Because a DJ has the ability to switch from one style of music to the next with the flick of a button, a DJ can bring a blend of musical styles to suit any diverse...

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Just A Thought :

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Musical Notes Wall Decor

When decorating your home, many times you will have a desire to decorate a room with a particular theme – butterflies or dragonfly wall art. If you love music, or someone in your home does, you may wish to consider a musical notes wall decor.  Musical notes wall decor can also be a fun touch when decorating...

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Music Licensing

by DaveOnFlickr

Music licensing for movies is a process through which an individual gets a chance to protect his musical creation from being used by some other person. Most of the time, the original creator publicly presents their musical piece without obtaining a license on it. Music licensing for movies...

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