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Schoenhut Spinet Piano

by stumayhew

The Schoenhut spinet piano, is named after its architect, Albert Schoenhut. This piano is one of many instruments of the master toy creator. Schoenhut pianos are naturally built to last with novel design & flawless tuning. Schoenhut spinet pianos are also well acknowledged because of how...

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How to Learn the Violin

The popularity of violin around the world, cutting across different cultures, is simply amazing. The sheer varieties of musical notes that can be played on the violin make this a favorite with almost all musicians. Although how to learn the violin lessons can seem like a difficult task, it is not that...

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Lead Guitar Lessons

by AlexDROP

Anyone who takes lead guitar lessons must always have the motivation to achieve mastery. This is because every musician’s goal must be to be one with their instrument without hesitations, inhibitions, insecurities, and fear of making mistakes. In terms of guitar lessons, the evidence of this...

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Instrumental Rap Beats

The trick to create the best instrumental rap beats, is by learning from others but carving your own niche. These days, there is a flood of new music in the market for instrumental rap beats, but more often than not, they are quite predictable and often somewhat copied from the inspiration taken! The best...

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Musical Instrument Practice Tips

Ever get DOG TIRED of practicing your instrument? Whether you are learning to play piano, guitar, violin, flute or any other instrument, chances are you are not alone. After the initial enthusiasm of finally beginning your journey as a new musician, it is typical to wake up one day and realize that this is...

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Online Music Library Catalog

by Jacko 999

The convenience of an online music catalog is priceless. Music is the heart and soul of any entertainment product. Neither a movie, TV commercial, a video game, website, or any other product prepared for entertainment would be successful if there was no suitable music placed within. To help...

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Violins are Popular Instruments for Kids

by Trevor King 66

Violins are popular instruments for kids. Every inquisitive child needs to learn how to use a musical instrument because of the mental and sociological benefits they can get from it. When it comes to choices of instruments, violins are popular instruments for kids and their parents. But...

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Guitar Is A Popular Instrument To Learn

by anyjazz65

Guitar is a popular instrument to learn due to it’s versatility and portability. No matter which type of music style you are interested in, learning guitar can give you the ability to perform your favorite songs in front of your family, friends or just for fun. Moreover, once you have learned...

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Shop Music Instruments With a Music School

Shop music instruments with a music school.  Music emporium is a place where music lovers can not only find a wide range of music instruments with a music school, but also find all of them under one roof. This place is an example of an innovative approach to the retailing of instruments. People love to visit...

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Instrument Flight Cases

by Mikey G Ottawa

Playing any type of instrument can be a very enjoyable experience but can be very costly especially if your instrument becomes damaged. When you are traveling either long distances or simply from gig to gig you will need to ensure that you are keeping your instruments fully protected. The...

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