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Music Facts:



Listening to music while working out

measurably improves physical performance.

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The Power Of Playing A Musical Instrument

Never underestimate the power of playing a musical instrument. Worthwhile as a hobby or a career, the power of playing a musical instrument contributes to a well-rounded life. Studies have proven that children who are exposed to music programs in elementary school have better self-discipline and patience...

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Piano Yoga Music

piano music – Yoga Piano Music
from Lost in Piano Music: Relaxation Meditation, Spa Treatments & Yoga Piano Moods, Anti Stress Relaxing Songs & Sleep Music Dreams
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Music Education for Babies

by RTD Photography

 Have you ever thought about the role of music education for babies? When there is an expectant mother in the family, everybody spends those nine months in learning all about parenting and preparing for the new arrival in the family. Why not also help the newborn develop to its full...

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Healing Benefits Of Instrumental Music


The healing benefits of instrumental music, are found to be many. Besides the actuality of listening to instrumental music composed for the flute, piano, guitar, violin together with other instruments is incredibly enjoyable, practitioners have found out that it may also possess a tremendously positive...

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Music Helps Children Understand Math

Musical instruments and music help children understand math.  Learning music helps children understand math through the use of their mind as well as their hands to play the instrument. Their hands also need to do different things, make different motions at different times. Children who take music lessons...

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