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Blues Backing Tracks

by matsuyuki

Blues backing tracks help you begin to make good blues music. Before you start doing a blues guitar solo in front of that crowd, you had better think twice. If you don’t want the crowd to demand that you leave, you’d better bring your ace game into the gig. In order for that to happen, you’ll need to brush up on a bit of blues guitar lessons to get you in the right track of things. You see, impressing the crowd with your blues guitar is a bit more difficult than just following the chords in a guitar book.

Any live performance of the blues has to be progressive-and that means, you’ll need to come up with a spontaneous sound when you get on the stage. For beginners, this usually ends in tears because the inability to build up and release the tension through music is a pretty big challenge in itself. But this is something that you should be able to do before you can rightfully call yourself a blues musician.

Start learning from the masters! If you want to learn how to master the blues guitar, you have to take after the masters like Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin or Jimi Hendrix. The best performances of these masters are immortalized online through the different collections of backing tracks available online. You can take any of their blues guitar licks, master them then mix them up so you can create your own sound. It’s not strictly blues guitar lessons that you get here. In fact, if you know the basics, you can just listen to any of the blues licks available and practice on your own. But, the thing is, there are finer points to playing the blues. Guitar lessons offer not only audio guides but also video guides so that you can do that thing they do.

Then begin to learn from yourself! Any decent lead blues guitar knows how to tell a story with his playing. A lick is actually like a musical sentence with every note acting like a word. If the combination of words in a sentence has to make sense and follow certain syntax, the same thing goes for musical notes. But like words, any blues licks can be mixed and matched to others but it has to make coherent musical sense. Think about it this way, since you’re just beginning, you don’t think about creating your own technique just yet. Focus on the ability of getting your audience to understand what you want to tell them through your music.

This is something that cannot be taught in any blues guitar lesson. It’s something that has to come from your soul. You have to keep on practicing and using your creativity to build your own sound. But you know that learning from the masters themselves is not a bad place to start things off. These performers have impressed the crowds for much longer than you and I have been living in this planet.

Every blues song is full of soul because each performance tells a different story. You probably sucked on stage the last time you performed because your crowd wasn’t able to get the story that you want to tell them through your music. Or even worse, you didn’t even have a story to tell now that is just sad! So what you do is study those blues licks I told you to download. Every lick is like a sentence in a story with the combination of notes making some sort of musical sense. So what you’re supposed to do is to combine those blues licks to form a coherent story and you’ve just made an excellent guitar solo piece! is dedicated to improve your blues playing. With an accompanying blues backing tracks to follow, students can now practice at home, at their own pace without being embarrassed by their mistakes. So unveil the musician in you!!

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