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So many times over the years I have heard, “I wish I could play” and “I wish I had stayed with piano lessons when I had the opportunity“. Well your opportunity is here and now. This site is being designed for all of you who missed out or didn’t take advantage of learning the piano as a child. Your time has come. Anyone can do this. No matter what your age, if you have the desire, you will be successful to whatever level you want to achieve. One finger, one hand….ten fingers and two hands, music is to be enjoyed at every level of simplicity or complexity. I encourage you to take things at your own pace, but thoroughly. Move through chapter by chapter. Only when you have fully understood one idea or concept or mastered a skill should you move on to the next….and review often.  You Can Do This!  It’s never too late!  See you at your keyboard……

This site is free….to you from me.  Enjoy!